Zoom Classes Grade 9

A. SUMMARIES TO PRINT A1.Real Numbers A1.1 Decimals and recurring decimals A2. Squares and cubic roots
A3.1 Exponents - Scientific notation
A3.2 Exponents - multiply, divide
A4.1 Ratio
A4.2 Rate
A4.3 Direct and indirect proportion
A5. Number Patterns - Numeric and Geometric
A6.1 Adding and subtracting polynomials
A6.2 Polynomials - product of binomials (foiling)
A7.1 - Fractions
A7.2 - Decimals multiply and divide
A8 Factorising - highest common factor or bracket
A9. Factorising - grouping if more than 3 terms
A10. Factorising - difference between two squares
A11. Factorising - trinomials
A12. Factorising - complicated trinomials
A12:1 Factorising revision
A13.1 Equations - linear equations
A13.2 Equations - linear equations with fractions
A13.3 Equations - quadratic equations
A13.4 Exponential equations
A14. Wordsums
A15. Financial maths - simple interest
A16. Financial maths - compound interest
A17. Financial maths - currency
A18.1 Straight lines - table method
A18.2 Straight lines - dual intercept method
A18.3 Straight lines - gradient intercept method
A19. Finding the equation of a straight line
A20. Construction

B1. Trigonometry
B2. Pythagoras
B3. Properties of quadrilaterals
B4. Quadrilaterals - solving angles
B5. 2D - shapes - perimeter
B6. 2D - shapes - area
B7. Similarity
B8. Congruency
B9. Transformation
B10. Conversions
B11. 3D - shapes - surface area
B12. 3D - shapes - volume
B13.1 Data - Mean, median and mode
B13.2 Data - stem and leaf diagrams
B14. Probability

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