About Us

I have been an enthusiastic maths teacher for the last 18 years.  I mainly teach English school pupils, focusing on the South African school syllabus. 

I started off my teaching studies, by studying music at TUKS University and completed my BMUS (Honours) in 1986.  I studied maths, while doing my Honours in music at TUKS.

I started my teaching career as a music teacher at Florida High School.  To keep me busy, I started studying psychology through Unisa.  I completed my Pshycology Honours in 1999, registered after which I registered as a psychometrist.  I did psychometry work for Prof. Elsabé Swanepoel for about two years.

My maths career:

My maths career started at university. While studying my BMus Honnours, I also took maths as a subject. I used my maths later when I did a programming course and programmed for a year at Monotix. I missed my children and resigned!!. Yes I was curious and restless. I helped out with maths classes for short periods at various institutions, like Tshwane South College, Varsity College in Randburg and Langenhoven High School in Pretoria.

My biggest passion however has been to do my own thing as a home based extra maths teacher in Eldoraigne, Centurion. With my psychology background, I have developed maths rules and guidelines to help pupils solve maths problems in South Africa. I also love creating “maths stories” to help pupils to make various associations to help them to remember maths guidelines easier.

I hope I can reach and help more pupils with my videos. The idea is that a pupil can do their extra activities in the afternoon and during the evenings watch and study my videos, so that they don’t fall behind in class.

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